Medical Transcription

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Hi, take few seconds to read through these questions.

  • Is Medical Transcription a reliable career?
  • Can I groom my self as a MT online?
  • How can I scale up as a successful Medical Transcriber?
  • Is there any online medical transcription materials that can help me in my career?
  • Is there some one to help me find medical transcription job online?
  • Is Medical Transcription online a good business?
  • How can I find Medical Transcription customers online?

If this is the case you are in the right place. Welcome on board !

What is Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription is a service/art/job of transferring recorded voices of medical practitioner (doctors, physicians, nurses etc.,) into text format. This documented medical record helps medical practitioners to document their work, refer to it when ever needed.

Is there a Career / Business Opportunity?

Definitely. If not you would not be here and we would not be here with a website to help you. As per American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT), medical transcription is a $17 Billion industry with 400,000 employees. Most of them work from home and few work for companies and hospitals.

400,000 Employees! – Is the industry saturated ?

Not yet. Currently medical transcription online industry is in growing phase. Even at this time of recession this industry is growing at the rate of 15% each year. There is tremendous opportunity in medical transcription field. – Purpose?

Online Medical Transcription website is established to help people online to succeed in their dream in Medical Transcription industry. What ever be it your dream, you name it and we do it! The happiest news – Every thing is free of cost.

What you will find here is not unnecessary jargons but…